MEC Trigger I

MEC Trigger I can be attached or replaced to most 10M and 50M rifles. This is available for most rifle brands to ensure perfect fit.

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MEC Trigger I is a shooting accessory that can be attached or replaced to most 10M and 50M rifles. This is available for most rifle brands to ensure perfect fit.

Some Brands that they cater to are –

  • Walther
  • Anschütz
  • Feinwerkbau
  • Steyr
  • Hämmerli

This Product has a trigger blade with a ball and socket joint. This enables the shooter to set it at any angle they feel comfortable with. This also means that it is rotatable from side to side. So the result of this feature is that the trigger is able to move freely.

On looking closely you will find that there are horizontal ridges present on the surface of the trigger. These are safety adhesions. There are also adjustable black rubber rings present on the target. This feature is very useful because it becomes a reference point for the shooter. Once the shooter adjusts it according to his/her finger placement it ensures accurate finger placement every time.

This product has optimal width and so it is very comfortable. It is also light weight and made of aluminum. This allows proper function and gives it a stable fitting.

Importance of Triggering

Let us look at the importance of triggering and, by extension, triggers.

On the SCATT, trigger release appears as a blue curve. The shorter the blue line, the cleaner was the trigger release. In picture (A) we see an almost perfect release.

Trigger SCATT Trace (A)

In the second picture (B), the release has covered a distance of around 5 mm and has thereby travelled sideways out of the aiming area. Obviously the squeeze has imparted force in this direction to the rifle, and the shot has landed in the 8-ring.

Trigger SCATT Trace (B)

This example clearly shoes that perfect triggering is very important and so getting this product can only help you achieve this task.

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