Sauer Shooting Trouser Mod Standard Mix Leather


Sauer Shooting Trouser mod. standard MixThe “Standard Mix” shooting trousers are likewise made from a coordinated material mix of linen, leather and high-quality Top Grip.The broad waistband in double-strength canvas is closed with Velcro fasteners running all the way from the crotch to the waist and in addition by an adjustable hook-and-eye closure. The waistband also incorporates belt loops and buttons for braces. Both knees are fitted with patches crafted from the high-quality non-slip material, Top Grip.This model of trousers has a two-way zip fastener on each leg running from the bottom of the seat to the end of the leg. This makes the “Standard Mix” shooting trousers individually adjustable for all shooting positions and be used by all the shooters.Contact us at 70822-33324, if the product is in pre-order status.


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