TEC HRO Lift 3.0


Advantages and innovations of the TEC-HRO lift 3.0

TEC-HRO lift 3.0 was developed especially for the Kniendschießen. Through a higher-forearm, many shooters do easier in this attack. In addition this fore-end can be tilted and tilted, so that the wrist must be snapped off not so much.

Now have these possibilities but also many Liegendschützen discovered for themselves and use “lift 3.0” also for the numb. Caution: Because the numb can cause very high forces on the belt drive, all screws should be with 5 nm torque wrench and high-quality Hex keys (a 3 and a 4 is required) be tightened.

Stehendschützen, place the rifle on the Palm of the hand or between your thumb and index finger, also benefit from this forend raiser block, because she has a nice rounded shape.


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