Tec Hro Starik Carbon Tube 34 MM

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Anschutz Starik carbon tubeThe tube including the tuner weights about 220gr. So 3p shooters have no problem dealing with the weight in front of the muzzle.The tube has a tuner in order to tune the rifle for “positive compensation” in order to avoid vertical groups.The clamp on the barrel is very short (25mm), in order to have the chock the tube has on the barrel, right at the muzzle. It improves accuracy.The tube length is calculated by the barrel length using odd harmonies. There are 3 length of tubes: short (about 19cm), long (about 32cm) and the new extra-long (over 36cm), depending on the barrel length Contact us at 70822-33324, if the product is in pre-order status.


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