Centra Level Crystal

Centra level crystal for Air rifle is a tool used to ensure that the air rifle is level and properly aligned, which is essential for accurate and consistent shooting, especially in sports shooting or competitive shooting where precise aiming is critical.

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The “Mec level crystal” is a spirit bubble level that is designed to be placed on the barrel of an air rifle. Its primary purpose is to assist shooters in achieving precise and consistent alignment of their rifles. Here’s how it achieves this:

  1. Spirit Bubble Level: The level features a transparent spirit bubble, which serves as an indicator of whether the rifle is perfectly level or if it’s canted (tilted) to one side. This is crucial for accuracy in shooting.
  2. Adjustment Without Tools: The level can be adjusted without the need for additional tools. This allows shooters to easily calibrate it to their preferred level position.
  3. Exact Reproduction of Canting Angles by Scaling: This feature is particularly valuable for shooters who may need to shoot at various canting angles (tilted angles) for different shooting scenarios. The level allows shooters to reproduce these canting angles accurately by using scaling or reference marks.
  4. Two Sizes: The level comes in two sizes, M18 and M22, which means it can be used with air rifles of different barrel diameters.


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M18, M22


Black, Blue, Silver


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