Sauer Premium Open Glove

Sauer Premium Open Glove is a cutting-edge shooting glove designed for stability, comfort, and optimal contact with the rifle. It offers various sizing options and is suitable for shooters of all levels, including international and Olympic competitors.

Model Premium Open
Material 62% kangaroo leather, 29% polyester, 5% polyacrylic, 3% polyurethane, 1% elastane

8,200.00 Inc. GST


  1. Innovative Design: The Sauer Premium Open Shooting Glove introduces a completely new design for the support hand of sports shooters. This design represents a significant advancement in shooting glove development.
  2. World-renowned Glove: Sauer shooting gloves are highly regarded and widely used by international and Olympic shooters.
  3. Weight Distribution for Stability: This glove excels in providing maximum stability for shooters by evenly distributing the weight of the rifle to the palm of the hand. This even weight distribution enhances shooting stability and ease.
  4. Enhanced Contact Area: The Sauer Premium Open Shooting Glove ensures a maximum contact area with the rifle, which contributes to better balance during shooting.
  5. Freedom of Fingers: The top product in the Premium line is the fingerless “Premium Open Shooting Glove,” designed to allow complete freedom of the fingers. This feature is especially beneficial for shooters as it enables precise hand positioning and flexibility during shooting.
  6. Suitable for All Firing Positions: The “Premium Open” version is suitable for use in all firing positions, offering versatility for shooters.
  7. Improved Padding: Unlike previous models that focused on providing maximum padding all around, the “Premium Open” model uses individual Biogel pads integrated into the palm and back of the glove. This innovative approach maintains hand flexibility while significantly improving tactile contact with the rifle.
  8. Finger Options: Shooters can choose between a closed (“Premium”) or open (“Premium Open”) finger version based on their preferences and shooting style.
  9. Precious Kangaroo Leather: The glove uses precious kangaroo leather as the primary material, known for its exceptional comfort.
    The leather features a stippled texture over its entire surface, preventing the rifle from slipping and ensuring a secure grip.

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