Sauer Special Prone Shooting Glove

Special Prone shooting Glove is used for the Prone position in Shooting. Its extensive support absorbs the weight of the rifle and distributes it over the complete hand.  Special Prone Glove minimizes the movement and helps in improving the score.

Model Spezial Prone Shooting Glove
Material 100% kid leather. Inner lining 100% polyacrylic

7,300.00 Inc. GST


  1. Extensive Support: Sauer Special Prone Shooting Glove offers extensive support for shooters in the Prone position. It effectively absorbs the weight of the rifle and distributes it evenly over the entire hand.
  2. Minimized Movement: Sauer Special Prone Shooting glove is designed to minimize unwanted hand movement during shooting. Reduced movement contributes to improved shooting accuracy and score.
  3. Classic Design: A classic from the Sauer range, this glove is specially tailored for shooters in the kneeling and prone positions.
  4. Reinforced Padding: The elimination of the pad results in reinforced inner padding, creating a cushioning effect for added comfort.
  5. Snug Fit: The stretch insert at the cuff ensures a secure and snug fit on the forearm, enhancing stability during shooting.
  6. Soft and Durable Kid Leather: The glove is made from 100% kid leather, known for its extreme softness and durability.
  7. Shock Absorption: The inner lining, composed of 100% polyacrylic, provides exceptional shock absorption properties, reducing the impact of recoil.
  8. Right-Handed Shooter: For right-handed shooters, the support glove is worn on the LEFT support hand. Ensure you order the Right Handed Glove, which correctly fits on your left hand for right-handed shooting.
  9. Single Glove: Please note that you are ordering only one glove (not a pair), specifically designed for the support hand used when shooting a rifle.
  10. Measurement Guide:
    • To determine the glove size, measure your hand around the palm at the knuckles with the hand flat and fingers closed.
    • Exclude the thumb from the measurement.
    • Take measurements on the hand for which you need the glove, as left and right-hand sizes can vary.
    • Note that factors like wrist, finger, and thumb size may also affect the glove’s fit beyond the palm measurement.

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