Sauer Rifle Shoes Perfect Top

Sauer Rifle Shoes Perfect Top enhance stability, comfort, and grip, which are critical factors in achieving precise and consistent shooting performance during competitions. These shoes are highly recommended for serious shooters, including Olympic athletes, due to their quality, design, and adherence to sports orthopedic requirements.

Model: Perfect Top
Material: 100% box leather, inner lining textile Soles: 100% thermoplastic polyurethane

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Sauer Perfect Top Rifle Shoes

Sauer Rifle Shoe “Perfect Top” is designed for Rifle Shooters. Microfibre Synthetic Soul in Sauer Rifle Perfect top shoe provides maximum ground contact which improves ground grip for rifle shooters.

specific features that are found in Sauer shoes for shooting which improves the stability and grip include:

  • A low profile helps to keep the shooter’s center of gravity close to the ground and provides stability while shooting
  • A wide base helps to distribute the shooter’s weight evenly and provides additional stability
  • A flat, non-slip sole, which helps to provide grip and traction on the shooting range surface
  • Padding and support in key areas, such as the heel and arch, help to reduce fatigue and improve comfort while standing for extended periods of time

The new shooting Rifle Shoe from Sauer

Sauer shoes are known for their quality and stability. It is designed under ISSF guidelines and in such a unique way that provides stability to the shooter. In accordance with the requirements of the ISSF which stipulate that the soles of special shooting shoes and boots must be flexible enough to allow for the natural flexing action of the foot when walking and running. The Sauer team has redesigned the structure of the soles of their sports footwear.

  • Soles of Sauer Rifle Shoes are With a new design and upgraded material of Sole which provides more stability while shooting.
  • material (thermoplastic polyurethane), The new soles of Sauer shooting footwear are cast from a material (thermoplastic polyurethane) that provides maximum stability and flexibility.  it covers the maximum ground area which increases the ground contact.
  • Stability With an Increase in ground contact, it provides a better grip compared to any other shoe which increases the grip and provides more stability.
  • Standing Posture – Sauer Rifle shoes provide support to raising the foot which helps to maintain the standing posture for a long period of duration.
  • The enhanced footbed of the EASY TOP satisfies sports orthopedic requirements. The raised heel area provides maximum comfort and relief for the back during long periods of standing and provides stability.

The Sauer  rifle shoes “Perfect Top” fulfill all modern sport orthopedic requirements. The two-part inner soles (which can be ordered separately) enable the boot to be individually adjusted for height both at the heel and at the forefoot. The perforations at the sides improve ventilation to the foot.

A particular highlight of the “Perfect Style Flex” is, as with the model’s predecessors, the interchangeable Velcro fastener at the spoiler. Together with laces in matching colors, this enables sports shooters to individually adapt their shoes to the color scheme of their sportswear. The “Perfect Top” is made in Germany from high-quality materials and is subjected to the most stringent quality controls.

Sauer Perfect top Rifle shoes are used by maximum Olympic shooters and the most recommended pistol shoes for shooters.

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