Sauer Underwear Technical Shirt Top

Material 70% polyamide, 25% polypropylene, 5% elastane
Color Black with grey and red appliqués
Model Technical, Women’s undershirt

8,900.00 Inc. GST


Sauer Underwear Technical Shirt


SAUER Techincal shirt is designed to keep all small expectations which is required by the shooter to get maximum stability and to improve the scores.

SAUER Techincal shirt is made up of 70% polyamide which is softer and more flexible fibers. 25% polypropylene which results in a lightweight provides more strength, and stability and increases the life of the cloth. In the last 5%, Elastane fibers guarantee a high degree of comfort combined with great freedom of movement. In woven and knitted fabrics elastane increases shape retention and accelerates crease recovery

This special technical functional underwear is ideal for wearing under special shooting apparel. It is breathable and maintains an ideal temperature at strategically important points on the body, which contributes to a relaxed stance.

Sauer underwear Technical Shirt -The microfibre Meryl® Skinlife provides a natural and pleasant feeling of freshness. Technical shirt silver particles are bacteriostatic and maintain the natural balance of the skin and inhibit our formation.

A particular benefit is that this sports underwear is made there, where it matters, entirely without annoying longitudinal seams.

Sauer Techincal shirt is as comfortable as a second skin. The specially woven fabric supports the muscles where necessary and gives extra mobility where it is needed.

Technical undershirts and underpants are available in women’s and men’s sizes.
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