Sauer Easy Top shoe for Pistol shooters

Sauer Easy Top Shoe is designed for Pistol Shooters. Microfibre Synthetic Soul in Sauer Pistol easy top shoe provides maximum ground contact and grip which improves stability for Pistol shooters. The enhanced footbed covers the complete foot and provides support to heal.

Model Sauer Easy Top Pistol Shoe
Material Upper: Microfibre Lining: Synthetic Soles: 100% Thermoplastic polyurethane
Color White

19,500.00 Inc. GST


Sauer Easy Top shoe for Pistol Shooters.

sauer easy top shoe for pistol shooters

Easy top Pistol shoe developed by Sauer Sportswear and it is the upgraded version of Easy Style Flex. The easy top Pistol shoe is prepared with the best material which provides maximum stability during shooting. Sauer Easy top shoes are designed as per ISSF guidelines for pistol shooters. It covers complete foot provides support in foot center and footbed which provides extra comfort to shooters which helps them to stand longer and with maximum stability.

  • Four extra unit Extention for laces allows the better fit of the foot inside the shoe.
  • Microfibre Synthetic Soul and Grip are designed in such a way that provides 100% ground contact which improves the stability and grip with the ground.
  • Integrated Tongue is designed as per foot which covers the complete arch of the foot and provides more comfort to the shooter.
  • The enhanced footbed of the EASY TOP satisfies sport orthopaedic requirements. The raised heel area provides maximum comfort and relief for the back during long periods of standing and provides stability.
  • Like the forerunner model, EASY TOP has a cast inward curving PTU sole to provide maximum stability by making contact over the whole surface. The rubber surround as stabilizing feature and protection from stretching was also retained. In accordance with ISSF requirements, the ankle area was kept free. The area below the ankle is well-padded all around.

Sauer easy top pistol shoes are used by maximum Olympic shooters and most recommended pistol shoes for shooters.

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Sauer Shoes Stretcher

The shoe stretcher was specially developed for shooting boots and shoes. It keeps the sole of your shooting shoe flat for years, giving you a perfect stance at all times. The shoe stretcher is made of stainless aluminum. Its adjustment for the shoe is very easy but efficient. The Sauer shoe stretcher is suitable for all sizes and brands of footwear.

sauer Shoe stretcher


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