Champion Super Olympic Pistol Shooting Glasses 42mm

Champion Super Olympic Pistol Shooting frames are the best fit for all kinds of Pistol shooters.

Price ₹ 42,800
Frame Super Olympic Pistol Shooting Frame
Lens Holder 42 mm Lens Holder for Pistol Shooters
Shield Combined shield ISSF

Champion provides freedom to all shooters to micro-adjust the Super Olympic frame as per their need, posture, and comfort to achieve the maximum score. Super Olympic Frame from Champion is used by almost all Olympic players because of its quality durability and ability to have micro-adjust which helps them to increase their score.

42,800.00 Inc. GST



Champion Super Olympic Pistol Shooting Glasses

Super Olympic Shooting frames perfectly fit all kinds of Pistol shooters. Firstly, these frames empower every shooter to adjust them according to their individual needs, posture, and comfort, aiming to maximize their score. These glasses, the ultimate in design, stand as the most sophisticated shooting glasses available. Remarkably, they offer micro-adjustability for every adjustment on the face.

Moreover, the lens position also presents unique micro-adjustability for all positions. With the capability to align the nosepiece to the right or left, the frame aids extreme shooting positions. This frame, boasting 96 different components, caters to shooters who prioritize technical perfection.

To conclude, the Champion Super-Olympic Pistol Frame presents a 42mm Lens Holder, accommodating both right and left-handed shooters.

Champion Iris for more Clear and Deep Sight Picture

Iris enhances the capability to improve sight pictures and assists in shooting more effectively. Champion Iris, being among the best, provides a clear sight picture with the lens for higher scoring. Champion irises deliver deeper sight when you correct the lens with a strong addition for the rear sight. You can clip the iris on the backside of the lens holder, positioning it between the eye and the glass.


The Champion Super Olympic Pistol Shooting glasses are completely micro-adjustable without the use of any tools.

The shooter can make Adjustments to the lens position during the firing position or even while the glasses are on the shooter’s face. With the Champion Super Olympic frame, you can do the extreme alignment of the nosepiece offset to the left which is not possible in standard frames. The frame has 96 different components, designed for shooters who appreciate technical perfection.

The SuperOlympic is the ultimate in design being the most sophisticated shooting glasses available. Every adjustment is micro-adjustable on the face. The lens position is uniquely micro-adjustable for all lens positions.

You can offset the nosepiece to the right or left to benefit from extreme shooting positions. The frame, designed for shooters who appreciate technical perfection, includes 96 different components.

Adjustments for Super Olympic Pistol Shooting Glass

  • A: Height adjustment for vertical shift
  • B: Lens inclination adjustment for front/back tilt
  • C: Lens left / right turning ( on a vertical axis ) adjustment
  • D: Nosepiece left /right shift adjustment ( for archers or rifle standing )
  • E: Distance adjustment to the eye ( 4 positions )

If you’re having a custom prescription lens cut, here’s technical information for your optician: Opticians typically give rifle shooters a prescription for their distance vision. However, pistol shooters usually need an additional +0.25 or +0.5 dpt to see both front and rear sights. Pistol shooters can tolerate a slight amount of target blurring.


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