Sauer Premium Open Glove

Sauer Premium open Shooting Glove distributes the weight of the rifle equally to the palm which provides more stability and ease for the shoot.

Model Premium Open
Item No. 303
Material 62% kangaroo leather, 29% polyester, 5% polyacrylic, 3% polyurethane, 1% elastane
Sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL,

7,800.00 Inc. GST


 Sauer Premium Open Shooting Glove

sauer premium open glove

This completely new design of the Sauer premium open glove for the support hand of the sports shooter represents a new dimension in the development of shooting gloves.

Sauer shooting glove is a world-renowned glove used by international/Olympic shooters. Sauer premium open shooting glove provides maximum stability by distributing the weight of the rifle equally to the palm. Sauer glove provides maximum contact area to the rifle which helps to balance the rifle.

The top product in the Premium line is the fingerless “Premium Open Shooting Glove”. The benefit of this shooting glove is the ideal positioning of the support hand and complete freedom of the fingers. This version is suitable for all firing positions. It is characterized by an incomparable symmetry of the rifle in the firing position.

Previous models were mainly designed to provide maximum padding all around. This meant that the support hand became clumsy and made only minimal contact with the rifle. The new “Premium open” model from Sauer achieves the padding effect through individual Biogel pads integrated into the palm and the back of the shooting glove. This keeps the hand supple and considerably improves tactile contact to the rifle. Depending on his or her requirements or previous practice, each shooter can choose between a closed (“Premium”) or open (“Premium Open”) finger version.

For the first time, the basic material used is precious kangaroo leather, which is extremely comfortable to wear. The leather itself is embossed over the whole surface, creating a stippled effect that prevents the rifle from slipping.

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L, M, S, XL, XS


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