Centra Duplex Vario 3.4-4.4

Centra Duplex Vario is an advanced aiming accessory that provides shooters with enhanced alignment references and customization options, contributing to improved accuracy and precision in competitive shooting scenarios.

  • Adjustable centering ring
  • Can accommodate an additional duplex iris
  • Can accommodate a colored filter (lens)
  • 2 adjustment ranges available 3.4 – 4.4 and 3.8 – 4.8

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The “Centra Duplex Vario” is an advanced aiming accessory designed for precision shooting in competitive sports, particularly for micrometre peep sights and front sight tunnels. Its primary purpose is to enhance alignment precision and provide shooters with additional reference points to improve accuracy. Here’s a brief description of its key features:

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  1. X-Y Adjuster with Integrated Adjustable Centring Ring: The Duplex Vario features an X-Y adjuster with an integrated adjustable centring ring. This ring provides an additional point of reference for the shooter, helping to ensure that the front sight is perfectly centred in the iris aperture.
  2. Accommodates Additional Duplex Iris and Coloured Filter: The accessory is designed to accommodate an additional duplex iris, offering a stepless adjustment system to modify the gap between the front sight tunnel and the iris aperture. It can also accommodate a coloured filter (lens), allowing shooters to customize their sight picture based on lighting conditions.
  3. Two Adjustment Ranges: The centring ring is variable and can be adjusted to suit personal requirements. Two adjustment ranges are available (3.4 – 4.4 and 3.8 – 4.8), catering to different rear sight configurations, particularly those with short or long anti-glare tubes.
  4. Enhanced Alignment Accuracy: The Duplex Vario addresses the challenge of maintaining precise alignment, especially in challenging light conditions and during extended shooting sessions. The additional centring unit provides a clearer indication of alignment errors, helping shooters improve their aiming accuracy.
  5. Convenient and Uncompromising Solution: The adjustable centring ring can be modified to match changes in light conditions or the use of filters, similar to an adjustable front sight ring. The solution is described as convenient yet uncompromising, emphasizing the importance of precision in competitive shooting.
  6. Alternative Option – Duplex-Iris: The Duplex Vario provides an alternative to the centring ring in the form of the “Duplex-Iris.” This stepless adjustment system allows shooters to modify the gap between the front sight tunnel and iris aperture, offering flexibility for indoor air rifle shooters seeking a clear view of aiming errors.
  7. Recommended Usage: The Duplex Vario is recommended for outdoor shooters firing from longer distances (50 m and 100 m) who benefit from a clear view of wind flags and other indicators. It is designed to enhance aiming precision in a variety of shooting conditions.

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